As you probably have noticed, or painted graffiti are everywhere and procedures for the removal of graffiti on the agenda; therefore regarding the removal or “erased” from annoying these messages, we can state that has 3 basic steps without which often restoring the surface is a look worse than as it was; before taking into account the general steps that develop below,

  1. Identify the type of surface and the substance to be removed.
  2. Select the appropriate method of disposal.
  3. Apply a protective layer.

NOTE:  Some cities (Madrid, for example) establish guidelines for removal and restoration to maintain the structural integrity of the architecture especially for older or state protection for its architectural value buildings.With the above Remember to be familiar with local guidelines, go to the website of the institution protection of monuments is worth.


Brick, stone, concrete, siding aluminum, utility boxes, and poles, traffic signs, bus stops, pavement, wood, and glass are just some of the materials they have in common (despite their differences), the presence of graffiti on its surface,  these surfaces can be smooth or textured and some be painted with protective material.

While most graffiti is made with spray paint, graffiti have proliferated using markers, stickers (stickers), shoe polish, lipstick, templates, and pickling products to give a bleaching effect.

Remember that the idea is to remove it when it is identified because the time of the graffiti usually impacts the ease with which it can be removed, the longer, more difficult. For best house clearance services we suggest , also they are waste removals & wm service provider. With the above it is clear that depending on the substance to be removed, each surface requires or responsive to a particular method.


Except for the painting, most anti-graffiti removers or products are not available in stores or supermarkets utensils for home renovations and even paint stores; the above is because these are special industrial products and are often sold to professional graffiti removal and in fact, removers of graffiti to be sold in supermarkets or stores often fall short for the cleaning of paint or graffiti on the walls.

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