The Dimitri

I was alone. All my friends left following the instructions of “grand master” Dimitri that in just three months, they had been brainwashed. I can not understand how they were falling one by one in the sect, how lost reason, your convictions, your brain.

When I heard about not believe I was invited to their meetings in that dilapidated house and the truth is I got to attend a couple of times to personally check that fixing by the word of the leader when taught doctrine, certainly it not even called Dimitri . I know that accent mascara ready to be passed by an educated person, I repeat such manipulators with the quality of tricking people in principle much more prepared than them. They left to evangelize the new word, the word of Dimitri, you have to fuck. The only one left was Weep, bride Pupi, as sorry as I am. We are often with comforted, we have planned to create a group antiman ipu adores but for now, our most pleasant encounters lead to his bed and mine. It is beautiful, round, rotund, my curve. I adore her , just think about it, come to me again, weeps.

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